Gp Internet Offer 2019

GP Internet Offer 2019 : All GP Internet Packages

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GP Internet Offer

GP Internet Offer 2019

Here you will find the Gp Internet Offer 2019 as well as all Gp Internet Packages list. GP stands for Grameenphone which is a leading telecom brand in bangladesh and have a huge subscribers as well. There are several Grameenphone internet package recharge offer available for you with reasonable price plan.

GP Internet Package Plans

Grameenphone currently offering several internet package plans for their respected customer. You just need to choose the internet plan from them as per your need.

So, Here is the list of GP Internet offer 2019 for Grameenphone operator users. This list will be updated as per changes from them.

VolumePriceValidityActivation Code
250MB @ 31tk313*121*3083#
2GB443 (72hours)*121*3242#
1GB Weekly867*121*3056#
2GB Weekly1297*121*3058#
4GB Weekly1797*121*3084#
6GB(3GB Regular + 3GB 4G)1487*121*3262#
10GB (5GB Regular + 5GB 4G)1987*121*3133#
3.5GB (2.5GB Regular + 1GB 4G)33728*121*3009#
5.5GB (3.5GB Regular + 2GB 4G)42728*121*3010#
Whatsapp pack 26MB2.53*121*3063#
Viber pack 26MB2.53*121*3070#
Heavy Video pack63*121*3020#
Facebook 3 Days1.53*121*3022#
Emergency data loan (12MB)53*121*3021#
Facebook 28 Days1828*121*3024#
Facebook 7 Days67*121*3023#

GP Internet Offer for Monthly Volume

There is also monthly basis volume packs offered by gp internet package that you can choose for your whole month. Select a internet package from below and enjoy the internet for the whole month.

Here is the list Gp Internet package for monthly basis. Just click the activate now link for the corresponding packs and you will be redirect to internet activation page

1 GB30189Activate Now
1.5 GB30229Activate Now
3 GB30279Activate Now
3.5 GB (2.5 GB+1GB 4G)28337Activate Now
5GB30399Activate Now
5.5GB(3.5GB Regular + 2GB 4G)28427Activate Now
6 GB28609Activate Now
10 GB30649Activate Now
12 GB281157Activate Now
18 GB281522Activate Now
20 GB30998Activate Now
115 MB3056Activate Now
555 MB28149Activate Now
30 GB282436Activate Now

Special GP Internet Offer Packages

GP Offer some special internet package for a certain time period with very cheap rate. You should grab this offer whenever you need this kind of internet package which have large in volume but small in purchase price.

250 MB331Activate Now
2 GB344Activate Now
2 GB (1GB vanilla+1GB Bioscope)796Activate Now
1 GB786Activate Now
1.5 GB7104Activate Now
2049 MB7129Activate Now
4 GB7189Activate Now
6 GB (3GB Regular + 3GB 4G)7148Activate Now
10 GB (5GB Regular + 5GB 4G)7198Activate Now

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